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Tyler Bio Engineering includes:
  • Cost Effective Pricing
  • Accreditation Assistance
  • Cutting Edge Diagnostic Equipment

Preventative Maintenance

TBE provides a medical equipment maintenance program that is designed to minimize equipment downtime, maximize equipment performance and ensure your regulatory and accreditation compliance.


When participating in TBE’s Medical Equipment Maintenance Program you will be provided with a detailed documentation of the equipment inspected including a dated electronic summary and individual equipment reports outlining the status of all equipment that was inspected and necessary repairs needed. At TBE we strive for bigger, better customer service, we provide you electronic and personal reminders of your incoming inspection.


We work closely with our customers to analyze their equipment service requirements so we can develop a specific preventive maintenance program to best suit their needs. Understanding and managing customer needs is what sets us apart. Using the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the industry we make sure that your inspection is done effectively and efficiently with limited down time.


TBE regularly interacts with accreditation and regulatory agencies to ensure your equipment is inspected to the compliance standard for you facility giving us truly unsurpassed customer service.


If you have preventive maintenance service need or wish to learn more about being enrolled in our preventative maintenance program, contact us today!

Preventative maintenance inspections and certification performed on each medical device to help